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Profile and About KIM WHITE


Long before she had her parents permission, makeup artist Kim White artfully applied the hottest shades of lipstick to her pubescent face. "I would use my entire allowance on makeup. Each day I'd smuggle it in my book bag, rush to the girls bathroom and go bananas on my face." Soon Kim's makeup savvy was sought out by her friends and classmates who became her first clients. She set up shop in the bathroom of her Dayton, Ohio middle school, quickly developing a passion for making others look and feel beautiful. That passion and drive led her into the world of makeup artistry.

Fast forward to the present, Kim swapped school bathrooms for green rooms and studio sets and now paints celebrity faces in cities such as: Sydney, Rome, and Buenos Aires to name a few. In 2006, shortly after making her pilgrimage to fashion's Mecca, New York City, Kim landed a job as the primary makeup artist for Emmy award winning TV personality Rachael Ray.

Kim has worked with the likes of famed photographers Mark Seliger, Martin Schoeller, Timothy White and Matthew Rolston and her distinctive style has graced the pages of leading magazines, top notch advertising campaigns and television shows.

In mid 2009 Kim launched "Do I Have Lipstick on My Teeth?" (, a whimsical blog that reflects her playful and witty approach to the world of beauty. The blog features an array of beauty topics including her highly succesful weekly makeover series MUGSHOT MONDAY.

Although Kim has come a long way from her middle school roots, the original driving force that led her into the beauty industry remains. Kim still finds the most satisfaction when a client feels beautiful. "After I finish, I love when they look in the mirror, see the results, and confidently strut around for the rest of the day. I can tell that they actually feel beautiful.
The most powerful transformations happen on the inside."






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